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I heard that there’s a bankruptcy FUD going around in London, and one of the overseas Crypto YouTubers said, We’ve released a transaction from Bybit. 바이비트 거래소 It’s been confirmed that it was just someone else’s transaction, and the tweet has been erased.

It’s the exchange that I’ve been using the most since a long time ago

I think I mentioned it the most

I was using it by myself, and suddenly people like Park Walnut got stuck

I think it’s one of the exchanges that has a very bad image

There are probably a lot of people who think I use it for commissions and promotions

I use it because I really like exchanges

I’ve been walking the referal for a long time, but it’s been a long time since I took care of it

I just use it because it’s comfortable

It’s not like I’m positioning USDT futures for tens of millions of dollars at a time (it was definitely Binance or FTX)

It’s $300-$5 million at most, so to do a spot (BTCUSD) inverse transaction,

I’ve been using it for a long time because I thought it was the most convenient

What is the most comfortable thing here? I can’t help but talk about FTX

If you’ve seen what I’ve been saying for a long time, you’ll remember

You’ll remember us talking about FTX mobile especially often

FTX is the world’s No. 1 and No. 2 exchanges, so why not improve mobile? a question of

How can UX be this sloppy?

It’s been almost 3 years since FTX’s mobile app came out

Not long ago, mobile orders and liquidation did not go into place

So I thought, these guys, the exchange business isn’t the main business

Ah, Bitridge, Margin, and Defi are the main ones. As expected, FTX

The reason why the problem broke out is because the existing transaction fee business was neglected

The main business is to pull the leverage of customer deposits and do MM.

If it is an exchange that maintains a normal minimum profit line, it is the most proven BM business so far

At least in this day and age, it is normal to make the largest investment in mobile exchanges, which account for the largest transaction amount

Binance and Vivit are the two exchanges that invest the most in this

Even if you don’t use it a lot, you’ll think that you didn’t save at least money on UI and UX

I’ve been using Vivit since 2019

I’m just saying this because I’ve seen almost all the resources being re-entered to matching engines and mobile

Even now, just by looking at the entire app and the entire site renewing and changing over and over again, the fact that you invest a lot in such technology

You can feel that there are so many places where basic lags and interfaces have not been improved for a long time

If it’s a normal exchange, it’s normal to reinvest in BM, the most commonly used certified trading business by customers

Never put all the money on PR and never do it realistically

BitDao says it’s okay because it’s similar to BNB, and some say that BM is an ant-blooded BM, but the service that actually generates sales and operating profit at least supports the cash flow of the legal currency is basically a transaction fee BM. BNB’s exchange becomes overwhelmingly large, so it can’t afford to provide a market service

BitDao offers the option of incinerating at least a certain portion of the Bybit transaction fee

It’s not written in anything weird like FTT. It’s natural for the foundation to promote it

FTT is a company that can use the services of the FTX exchange purely

If it is issued for pure purposes such as coupons, coins related to fees, and landing services,

Even now, if FTX is not ruined, I think it’s a good token

It’s hard to explain, but this is weird There were services that I wanted from the past

I think the representative one was the P2P transaction in FTX in the early days of the play

Besides these two exchanges,

Some exchanges have long attracted users from Coinmarket caps by adding fake transactions and asking prices

They are armed with various YouTubers and influencers to promote aggressively,

I’ve been trying to attract users in a lot of ways, but…

If you’ve earned some revenue from the gray market, where there’s only commercial morality without initial regulation and market rules

After that, you never throw away the least amount of fixed cash flow and invest in research

I think it’s a behavioral pattern shown by a normal company


Some exchanges now have so many other YouTubers and reccas on their backs that I won’t mention it, but the trading volume is still at the top, but it seems that the matching engine is divided into two categories of exchanges that are pouring money into the matching engine.

But in the midst of that, there’s no problem

I don’t think a relatively quiet vivit would fail

I don’t know if it’s a problem because I didn’t do anything

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a market pioneer and I don’t have to

So far, the most common exchanges that are rumored to be bankrupt are those that provide landing services, create loans, and actually link exchange collateral tokens to external chains such as Solar and Serum to leverage

The exchange here is BNB, HT, and FTT at the market price

It’s sad to say that other exchange tokens like BitDao haven’t done anything yet

It’s hard to even go bankrupt because of course

At best, the associated possible cause of bankruptcy, which is thoughtful,

Excessive promotional expenses such as F1 sponsors and 300 billion won provided as FTT collateral were tied together. I think so

(One exchange advertised for the Super Bowl.)

Since it is not a small exchange that flies to 300 billion won and has grown into a futures exchange, it is not an exchange that has no volume, so I think it is very difficult to go bankrupt unless I was really crazy and had an accident while investing with customer money

Nevertheless, the atmosphere in the crypto market has been too big for a while, including Tetche, Vivit, Nexo, Huobi, and Cucoin

If you’re worried that the market is not so good and the news of the collapse continues,

I think it’s best to withdraw for the time being and not trade at all

I’m systematically quarantined, so even if the exchange goes down and the assets are tied up right away,

Always set to 5-10% of total assets

I bet my soul Even so, they do not bet more than 25% on the three exchanges combined

As such, bankruptcy risk can be reduced by flexibly controlling the isolation ratio per exchange

Last week, we distributed into three exchanges: FTX, Bybit, and Binance

This month, one disappeared and the money was tied up, and the other was a risk of bankruptcy

For the above reasons, I will tie 5-10% to 2 exchanges and continue to trade without paying much attention

If you think flying 5-10% would be fatal to you, I think it would be wisest to be in charge by the end of the year

Aside from the exchange, the gimps are high, so the risk-free profit is more than 5%

While withdrawing funds, I withdrew from Upbeat and acted as a director until I was sick

Of course, I don’t skip a day and trade in small amounts, so I’m still holding a Skel position with Bibit

And if I really fail, I’ll be hit hard. FTX, which I’ve been using well, is already ruined

I took out all the money, but the FTT steak tied up was tied up by about 5 million won and blew it away

If Vivit goes down, I don’t think there’s any more use on the exchange, but at best, it’s Binance

Binance was so slow that I used to use vibe even if I didn’t have enough arcs

The alternative is Pimax. I think that’s about it

Personally, I think Huobi and Big Dotche are actually likely to be at risk, but they spend too much on F1 or overseas sports projects, or they mis-handled tokens, not the kind of user-attractiveness reason I’m talking about in the text

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